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0 Gauge Test Track - By Keith

I built the test track initially to run my own stock on in my garden. The test track is made up in boards of 3ft, the length of Peco track. The test track at its shortest is 26ft in length, and can go up to 38ft approximately in 3ft increments. The test track has attended many local shows in various lengths, subject to the size of the hall. I am very fortunate to have a very good crew from the membership of the West Wilts Gauge O Group, it makes putting up the test track a pleasure because it would be an onerous task without them. The inner radius is 6ft, I put the reverse curves in to give it some movement. It is DC, but occasionally we have had a DCC controller connected, as long as the person knows what they are doing, I am using Helmsman controllers, I do get some comments on my wiring on occasions, mainly about the colour. At the time of writing I have not yet put the test track up in my garden.

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0 Gauge Test Track at Westbury 0 Gauge Test Track at Westbury 0 Gauge Test Track at Mere